Code Of Practice

“To act at all times with honesty, integrity and responsibility and in the spirit of good faith and fair dealings”

1. Gladstone Area Group Apprentices Ltd (GAGAL), a member of Group Training Australia, is bound by a Code of Practice based upon the following ethical principles:

  • To act at all time with honesty, integrity and responsibility and in the spirit of good faith and fair dealings.
  • To deal fairly and equitably with clients and all other stakeholders at all times
  • To not engage in any conduct that is unfair, harsh or unconscionable.
  • To not engage in any practice that may damage the reputation of GAGAL or any of its clients
  • To comply with all federal, state, and territory legislation and with the national standards for Group
  • To be accountable at all times for any transgressions of this Code of Practice.
  • To support continuing reforms in the employment and training of new apprentices and the concept of
    utmost good faith and fairness in all such dealings

2. GAGAL is striving to achieve world best practice for the training and employment of
apprentices and trainees. By our commitment to this Code we provide our clients with the
confidence that using group training is a better way of providing quality outcomes
for apprentices and trainees.

3. GAGAL shall not knowingly engage or co-operate in any activity that:

  • Attempts to make, arrive at, give effect to, be concerned in, or be a party to, any collusive arrangement or understanding
  • Misleads or deceives or is likely to mislead or deceive our clients.
  • Brings discredit to GAGAL or Group Training

4. Experience has shown that the majority of disputes are of a minor nature and often due to a
lack of understanding of Group Training arrangements or a simple misunderstanding. GAGAL strives to
communicate effectively and regularly with their clients at all times.

5. All GAGAL’s clients have a right to prompt resolution of any grievances relating to GAGAL’s service or conduct. The matter will be dealt with in line with GAGAL’s corrective action procedure.

6. GAGAL commits to providing a quality service to host employers, apprentices and trainees and other clients by complying with GAGAL’s Quality Policy.

"Locals looking after Locals"