Stanwell Power Station

“For over 15 years Central Queensland Apprentices and Trainees (a division of Gladstone Area Group Apprentices Limited) have worked closely with Stanwell at the Stanwell Power Station to employ and manage apprentices / trainees.  For CQAT, it is all about building a true partnership to ensure our needs and expectations are met.  Their tailored programs allow us to maintain our desired level of input and ownership of the apprenticeship and traineeship program. The fact that we have had approximately a 98% completion rate for our apprentices and trainees over this time, is testament to CQAT’s strong focus on successful placement and management of candidates.”

CS Energy

“GAGAL has provided a high standard of support and services to CS Energy.
GAGAL’S commitment to their apprentices and trainees is evident through the many successful apprentices and trainees that CS Energy has had the opportunity to host.”

Walz Group

“The services Walz receive from GAGAL have been excellent for our business which has been continually growing for the past 39 years. The professionalism from staff and field officers is outstanding in reducing issues for Walz.”

Gidarjil Development Corporation LTD

"In the past 5 months that I have held the position of Manager of the Gladstone Office of Gidarjil Development Corporation and I have worked in partnership with GAGAL to support the three trainee land and sea rangers.
The areas where GAGAL have provided the most support were monthly contact visits and mediation on behalf of the trainees.
GAGAL provide consistent monthly contact visits to keep ahead of issues with the trainee rangers.  Monthly contact visits identify:

·         initiative and motivation and provides feedback on how these areas can be improved;
·         progress on presentation;
·         safety concerns; and
·         training needs.  

The reports are feed back to Gidarjil and when needed, concerns are discussed in greater detail until a suitable solution is agreed upon.
The experience of GAGAL staff with RTOs and learning spaces; their knowledge of competencies and their understanding of trainee programmes; have assisted in the content and the mode of delivery of the Certificates I, II and III in Conservation and Land Management.  Our trainee rangers are now successfully studying the Certificate III at Central Queensland University.
Mediation is another area that GAGAL provide to the trainee rangers.  There was an incident at Gidarjil where the trainee was at fault.  GAGAL and Gidarjil discussed the best course of action and the trainee was supported by GAGAL with regular contact visits to explain the process and consequences, this is invaluable, time saving and beneficial as a support to Gidarjil."

Annette Rutherford
Manager, Gladstone Office
Gidarjil Development Corporation Ltd

"Locals looking after Locals"