What Gagal Can Do For You?

GAGAL provides a vital solution for business and industry in the region by managing the risk of employing apprentices and trainees by committing to the full term of the training contract ensuring all competencies are met through a process of rotating apprentices and trainees between host employers.

GAGAL, as the legal employer of the apprentices or trainees, will Take care of all associated administration, including Training Contracts, Declaration of Parties and Training Plan in association with an Australian Apprenticeship Centre and Supervising Registered Training Organisation. Administer Payroll, Superannuation, Annual leave, Sick Leave, Workers Compensation, tools and any allowance applicable under the relevant industrial instrument.

  • Monitor and assess on the job progress through regular on-site visits by field staff.
  • Organise the Supervising Registered Training Organisation to deliver training and assessment, including any necessary block release.
  • Calculate an hourly rate based on the applicable industrial instrument to cover all costs associated with the apprentice or trainee.
  • Provide Pastoral care to apprentices, trainees and hosts.
  • You, as the Host Employer, would;
  • Receive an invoice from GAGAL each week for the apprentices or trainees time, as per the quoted rates.
  • Need to provide supervision and relevant work for the apprentice or trainee according to the training plan.
  • Authorise each apprentice or trainees hours worked by signing their weekly timesheet.

GAGAL’s services for employing apprentices and trainees result in many benefits to your company. These include:

  • Less administration = more on the job productive time.
  • Flexible hire arrangements - arrangements can be made so you can source extra apprentices at busy times, for example shutdowns.  In the same way, apprentices or trainees can be handed back when your work runs out.
  • Additional skilling opportunities - rotation of apprentices or trainees to ensure full range of competencies are achieved.
  • GAGAL manages the risk of employing apprentices and trainees giving you the time to concentrate on growing your business.
  • Should you decide to employ an apprentice or trainee through us, we would;
  • Summarise and collate potential employee information for you.
  • Assist with short listing applicants ready for interview as required.
  • Organise aptitude testing if required.
  • Organise and assist with the interview process.
  • Advise the successful applicants in writing.
  • Provide you with the charge out rate which details the rates you will be invoiced each week of engagement.

These services are provided at no cost to you!

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